Sunday, June 28, 2009

Reducing Infant Mortality Film

A trailer is now available for Reducing Infant Mortality, a FREE film being made "about how our health care system is failing babies and mothers and what we can do about it." Here are some more details from the filmmakers:

The film will be out July 26th. It will be 10-12 minutes long, and is made for everyone one who wants to, to send to their representatives and senators. Our idea is that if people send the link to the film and the politicians receive many of them along with our personal messages about what kind of Health Care Reforms we want to see, we can help move toward a more humane way of bringing our babies into the world -- creating a model that includes an emphasis on skin to skin contact, bonding and breast feeding -- a model that supports the family and family connections.

The film is a carefully crafted proposal for a shift in the way we approach maternal infant medical care. Included in our proposal is the economic component, as well as the unnecessary cost of life and health. We go on to explain how the inclusion of midwives in the model makes sense on every level. It is all voiced by MDs with substantial degrees and positions, no one on the fringe, all with impeccable credentials. I believe that it helps our case to hear the words coming from people who are currently considered by the mainstream to be the experts on birth. It is, after all, the mainstream that we wish to influence. I did everything I could to make it totally credible for the fight that is happening in congress. All statistics have been researched. The March of Dimes gave us permission to use their graphics.
There are definitely a lot of experts interviewed for this film. It sounds like there are exciting plans for it to reach a wide audience.

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