Friday, June 19, 2009

Birth Center Closure in Brazil

This message from a Brazilian midwife was passed along to me by Debra Pascali-Bonaro regarding the recent closure of a birth center in Brazil:

We are in a very difficult moment in Brazil. We had our Rio de Janeiro Birth Center ( Casa de Parto David Capistrano Filho) closed today. They found a state law saying that a health institution can not exist without doctors! We know it's a politcal thing. New persons in the goverment and a big pressure for our local doctors. We have the support of the Brazilian goverment but we know that in this cases we never know what can happen.
We are pretty sure that it's time to call for HELP of our friends outside Brazil. We need emails against this attitude.We need to show the power of our movement to make birth a physiological process in a c-section country.

We are organizing ourselfs to go to the street and say we want our Birth Center back!!!
If you want more details from this wonderfull birth center go here.

Thank's alot,
We are sure that if we work hard and well, in the end we will be stronger than now.
( sorry about possible written english mistakes)

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