Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Midwifery in Australia

As some of you may already know, legislation passed in Australia that effectively renders homebirth inaccessible and homebirth midwifery illegal. I haven't seen a lot of birth blog coverage of this distressing development, but news stories have been popping up in my Google Alerts like crazy:

Uninsured midwives face home birth ban

Tough new laws to make homebirths illegal

Law to stop midwives working outside hospitals

Fears on mid-wife impact with new birthing regulations

Maternity group slams midwife legislation

A few other international articles came to my attention recently also:


Global Shortage of Midwives Deadly: WHO

Finally, I wanted to link to a recent New York Times article by a CNM about her experience during a stillbirth at a hospital: In a Lifeless Birth, a Midwife’s Opened Eyes

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