Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

For in the child lies the future of the world. Mother must hold the baby close so that he knows that it is his world. Father must take him to the highest hill to see what his world is like.

This quote came from the end of the touching Father's Day Flashmob in Denver video organized by Dads Adventure. Make sure to check out the associated article The Dignity of Being a Dad and read about the new brotherhood of dads initiative.

Here are some previous father-specific posts from the CfM blog:
Fatherhood challenges us, but it also enlarges us and reshapes our perception of what is important in the world around us. As we take stock of this new world, we find that doing our job as a dad is inherently honorable and respectful, and brings to us the dignity that goes with the territory. Far from being emasculating, being a dad makes us men in the finest sense of the term. --Dads Adventure

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