Friday, June 5, 2009

New Jersey Cesarean Refusal Case

Though it happened some time ago, I only recently learned about a frightening case in New Jersey in which a woman in labor refused to sign the hospital's blanket consent form for a cesarean (the woman did not need a cesarean, it was a "just in case" thing). The end result was that she had her baby taken away and her parental rights terminated. There is more discussion about it in this blog post.

Cases like this are why I appreciate the legal services offered by National Advocates for Pregnant Women.

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Kayce said...

That just baffles me!! The things that hospitals do just to make us comply... You have the right to refuse until they say so. It's not right.

Anna said...

this is the first time hearing about this case. horrifying!

Unknown said...

Here is a report from the case: