Monday, July 13, 2009


A couple of interesting articles caught my eye today:

Delivering Affordable Health Care--this article in American Prospect talks about recent midwifery legislation in Idaho and also raises the point that homebirth and midwifery care are good for the "pocketbooks" of both women AND the government. It was written by doula-blogger Miriam Perez who also writes an interesting and thought-provoking blog called Radical Doula.

Why mothers should put up with pain of childbirth - by a male expert in midwifery was published in the Daily Mail this week. The article is getting a lot of critical comments along the lines of "no uterus, no vote," which I can see the sentiment behind. However, his basic point is a sound one (I think!): "[labor]..should be considered a ‘rite of passage’ and a ‘purposeful, useful thing.’"

Community-Based Doulas: A Good Investment in the Future was published on The Huffington Post last week. Written (surprisingly to me!) by Jane Fonda, she talks about her hope that one day every WIC program in the country will have a community-based doula program. As a matter of fact, in Springfield, MO about two hours from where I live, there is a program similar to what she describes called The Doula Foundation of Mid-America. I'm hopeful the this program will spread closer to my own community within the next several years. A similar article was included in the new book The Doula Guide to Birth that I am presently reading.

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