Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Keepsake Ultrasound Ban

The governor of Connecticut recently signed a ban on "keepsake ultrasounds" (the kind that are performed "for fun" at a store in the mall, for example). The bill "bars anyone from performing ultrasounds on pregnant women unless a doctor orders them for medical or diagnostic purposes."

See: Conn. governor signs keepsake ultrasound ban

I have very mixed feelings about this ban. While I agree that unnecessary ultrasounds should not be performed, legal "bans" make me uneasy--for example, what if a governor decides "banning homebirth" is a good idea or "banning midwifery." When things like this happen, I start to worry about a slippery slope of governmental interference with parental health care decision-making.

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Meigh said...

I'm sorry to leave this here, but I can't find a phone number or email address anywhere on the CfM website! I need some information about the brochures I just ordered. Please have someone contact Customer ID 64629 about the order placed on 7-23-09 at 10:55am (according to my receipt; EST was 12:55pm). Thank you!

Knitted in the Womb said...


I agree with you completely about the "slippery slope." I actually had meant to blog about this...but in looking through my archives, I see that I must not have gotten to it.