Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Grassroots Network: MAMA Campaign Call for Action

Dear Friends,

You know the expression "act now"? Well, to insure access to midwifery care for American women, we all need to act now and help the MAMA Campaign. We don't want midwives to become a "limited time offer" in this country!

Arielle Greenberg Bywater, "gatekeeper sidekick"

Midwives and Mothers in Action--Inaction is not an option.

"Inaction is not an option."
-- President Obama regarding health care reform in a speech last week.

There is ACTION everywhere in all directions on health care these days…
Every day special interest groups spend a staggering $1.4 million lobbying
Congress to shut down the health care reform effort. How many are lobbying
to maintain the status quo in maternity care? How many are big medicine
lobbyists? Did you know the insurance industry unveiled a 7-figure marketing
campaign to protect their bottom lines? We are like actors in an epic
story—David and Goliath

We must answer this challenge:

  • Support the MAMA Campaign!
1. http://www.nacpmcommunity.org/content.aspx?page_id=301&club_id=962241

The pace of policy and debate is accelerating in Washington DC, and the
ACNM has increased its opposition to our Campaign. _And, MAMA marches on!
We continue to be applauded on the Hill for the progress we are making. We
successfully met with agencies responsible for fiscal reports for
Congressional initiatives and Medicaid programs. The pace of our DC visits
continues unabated—we seek to solidify early support and attain new
Congressional supporters.

And now, we must ramp up our Campaign to yet another notch in order to
achieve Medicaid coverage for all Certified Professional Midwives.

Please help us help you! [2]Support the MAMA Campaign TODAY—we must raise
$10,000 a week to ensure the Campaign achieves its goal!
2. http://www.nacpmcommunity.org/content.aspx?page_id=301&club_id=962241

Your donation supports increased access to providers for low income women.
Are you a midwife? A mother? A father? A childbearing woman? A grandparent?
A midwife supporter or a person who values choices in childbirth services?
We need you!

Already donated?
THANK YOU! Here's what else you can do!

  • Here is what moms, dads and grandparents across the country have to
say about CPMs and choices in childbirth. ([4]Scroll down on our home page
to view our new video.)
3. http://mamacampaign.squarespace.com
4. http://mamacampaign.squarespace.com

Forward this video to all your friends and colleagues and encourage them
to sign up with the MAMA Campaign ([5]www.mamacampaign.org )_
5. http://www.mamacampaign.org

NEWSFLASH: MAMA is on Facebook and on Twitter—join us here:

Twitter: http://twitter.com/MAMAcampaign
The facebook group:
6. http://twitter.com/MAMAcampaign%20

Click HERE for the link so you can tell your Congress members that you
value CPM services for maternity care and why CPMs need to be added to the
list of Medicaid providers. And a giant THANK YOU to all of you who've
already written your Congress members!
8. http://mamacampaign.squarespace.com/contact-your-legislator


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