Friday, February 27, 2009

A Doula Story

CfM Board member Carolyn Keefe shared the following information about a moving film, A Doula Story, available online:

I heard about a wonderful video recently and took an hour to watch it last night. It touched me so deeply that I thought you would find it of interest. Entitled A Doula Story it's about an African-American doula named Loretha Weisinger in Chicago who works with teen moms. It is available to watch for free here.

Loretha is a true angel, incorporating love and support for "her girls" into her terrific doula care. She empowers these girls to "find their voice", breastfeed, and learn to care for their babies even before they are born, plus nurturing them through labor and birth. Loretha provides incredible care and support, weaving in Mother-Friendly suggestions that all of us will recognize but in terms "her girls" will get. She really is one of the true angels in a community in need. I was in awe watching her patiently and lovingly help these young women become mothers. The film itself is also beautiful and riveting, if sometimes hard to watch difficult lives these young women live.

I encourage you to watch this and pass on the info, it will really touch you and help you understand why it's so important that we work to make sure all women get access to respectful, nurturing, Mother-Friendly Care.

Carolyn Keefe

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