Wednesday, February 4, 2009


This week I finished reading a wonderful new book called The Blue Cotton Gown (more about this soon). It is a memoir by a CNM who runs a women's health practice with her husband, an OB-GYN. They do not attend births anymore because of malpractice insurance rates and one of the substories in the book is also about their fear of lawsuit. The same day I finished reading it, I came across a relevant and interesting article on EmpowHer, Women's Health Online about malpractice insurance rates closing birth centers: How Did Birth Become so Compassionless?

I also wanted to share a link from the British Medical Journal on quality of life after vaginal and cesarean birth. Unfortunately for me, I can't read past the first page (the article is a pdf and opens up strangely for me). So, hopefully someone else can read it and tell me what the conclusions actually are! :)

Finally, I wanted to share that the Our Bodies, Ourselves: Pregnancy & Birth book I reviewed for CfM News last year was chosen by the Library Journal as one of the 24 best consumer health books of 2008. Congratulations OBOS!

Molly Remer
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