Friday, February 6, 2009

NEW Membership Category: Become a "Citizen" for Midwifery!

As of February 1, CfM has a new membership option: donate just $10 to become a "Citizen" for midwifery! This membership does not include the CfM News; it is an inexpensive way to support the work of CfM promoting the Midwives Model of Care. Each "Citizen" will be acknowledged with an attractive postcard that includes the Midwives Model of Care definition and other important information and web addresses.

Our intent is to encourage more people to become CfM members, strengthening our numbers as we work on behalf of consumers. For many years we have asked midwives to sign up clients with CfM, and we appreciate each of you who have done so. We hope that this new membership option will encourage and enable many more of you to do so. And, while anyone can join as a "Citizen", we also hope that many people will continue to join and renew at the suggested level ($30) and receive the CfM News, our in-depth newsletter.

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