Thursday, September 24, 2009

Media & Birth Petition

I'm not sure exactly how I personally feel about this approach, but I wanted to share this announcement from Choices in Childbirth about accuracy in media reporting about birth:

"Two weeks ago, NBC's The Today Show ran a deeply biased and poorly-researched report entitled "The Perils of Midwifery," which depicted midwife-assisted home birth as a dangerous celebrity-driven fad. At Choices in Childbirth and the New Space for Women's Health, we know better, and we know that it's never been more important to support midwives and the other members of New York City's birth community.

Pleas sign our petition to demand accurate reporting on all available childbirth options. We'll be delivering it in person to The Today Show on October 9, but before then, we're aiming for 5000 signatures. Make sure yours is one of them!

Here's the link."

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