Friday, September 11, 2009

AABC Legislative Alert

Tell Your Legislators - Congressional Budget Office says Birth Center Bill will SAVE $47 million!

We have Good News for Healthcare Reform. The Congressional Budget Office has evaluated the Birth Center Medicaid Reimbursement Act (HR 2358 and S1423) and says:

It will SAVE at least $47 million over the next 10 Years!

If your Representatives and Senators are not co-sponsors of the Bill, you need to ACT NOW.

1) Meet or call the staff at your legislators' district offices. Invite them to your birth center.

2) Call their Washington, DC offies and ask to speak with their Health Legislative Assistant.

3) Tell them about our bill to add the birth center to Medicaid services. Let them know if they will co-sponsor and help pass this bill, that it will Save Healthcare Dollars!!

4) Make sure that the staff will commit to calling you back with an answer. If they will not co-sponsor-find out why.

This is a nonpartisan issue about the health of mothers and babies, access to care, and saving federal dollars. Let's add as many co-sponsors as we can this month!

We are asking you to make your calls today!!

Learn more about how you can make a difference at


Jill Alliman, CNM, MSN
Chair, Legislative Committee
American Association of Birth Centers

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