Friday, July 11, 2008

Grassroots Network: Big Push responds to AMA’s apology for racism

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You may have seen this news today:
AMA To Issue Apology for Past Transgressions Toward Black Physicians
Kaiser Network Daily Reports reported:

The American Medical Association on Thursday is scheduled to release a formal apology for its "historical antipathy" toward black physicians and to express regret for a "litany of transgressions," the Washington Post reports. AMA's transgressions include not allowing blacks to join the group and not speaking out on legislation to end racial discrimination. According to the Post, "The apology marks one of the rare times a major national organization has expressed contrition for its role in the segregation and discrimination that black people have experienced in the United States."
According to the AP/Los Angeles Times, former AMA president John Nelson offered a similar apology at a 2005 meeting on improving health care and eliminating disparities. AMA in 2004 joined the National Medical Association, a black physician group, and other minority physicians' groups to form the Commission to End Health Care Disparities. According to the AP/Times, "The new apology is more formal" and is also part of the organization's effort to improve its image (Tanner, AP/Los Angeles Times, 7/10).
Read the whole report here.

The Big Push for Midwives has immediately issued a press release, doing a great job at tying the AMA news to midwifery and additional actions the AMA should take!

Susan Hodges “gatekeeper”

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