Monday, July 14, 2008

Dutch journalist comments on homebirth

Amongst all the news related to the AMA, it was interesting to see midwifery in Missouri referenced in an unlikely article. The article is about a Dutch journalist and how he handles his "beat" of covering news throughout the U.S. (right now writing about politics and presidential campaigns, etc.) Then, midway through the article are his comments with regard to homebirth and midwifery in MO:

"I try to go to whatever place a normal reader would never come to, like St. Peters, Missouri," he says.

Earlier Wednesday he had been in Blackwater, population 199, near Columbia, to talk to a woman who will shortly give birth to her third child.

"And she wants to do that with the help of a midwife," Tom says. He also interviewed the midwife.

The 2007 Missouri law that legalized midwifery was upheld in June by the state Supreme Court.

Midwifery is more common in the Netherlands, Tom says.

"My two kids were born with the help of the midwives," he says.

Earlier on his I-70 trip, Tom stopped in El Dorado, Kan., where Obama's grandfather grew up.

Also in Kansas, he interviewed two lesbian women who live in rural Kansas.

"It's part of my story on cultural wars," he says."...


I thought it was fun to see this midwifery news mingled in with all of the other subjects mentioned in the article!

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