Saturday, January 5, 2008

Motherbaby International Film Festival

Posting about the Business of Being Born made me think about an article I read this month in the January/February issue of Mothering magazine called Birth Film Revolution. The article is an overview of the films shown at the premiere launch of the new Motherbaby International Film Festival in September 2007. The article briefly summarizes 23 films about birth, midwifery, or breastfeeding. I have seen several of the films, but others were new to me.

"The Motherbaby International Film Festival (MIFF) is here to improve the images of birth, to empower women and inspire social change. A midwife once said, 'It's when we try to take control, that things get out of hand.' This Festival pictures birth in the respectful hands of the Mother."

One film I enjoy that was not on the list is Birth Joy & Raspberry Leaves, which is available from Compleat Mother magazine. This film is not as professional of quality as some of the more recently made films, but it shows five lovely waterbirths and is a really enjoyable video.

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