Saturday, January 5, 2008

Action Alerts--Grassroots Network

From Susan Hodges on the Grassroots Network:

1. Medscape is running an Instant Poll regarding the legal ban on lay midwives (actually, all midwives except CNMs are illegal in Missouri). Click on the link below and you can voice your opinion! The poll runs through January 8.

Ban on Lay Midwifery Poll
In Missouri, lay midwives who oversee deliveries can be prosecuted for committing a class C felony. Although legislation had been passed to let lay midwives practice freely, it was recently overturned by a ruling in a lawsuit filed by opponents. Do you agree or disagree with the ban on lay midwifery? To vote or view results of the poll, click on the title above.

2. Jennifer Block is scheduled to appear on Good Morning America some time in the next couple of days (tentatively on Tuesday). The show airs on ABC from 7am-9am EST (check for other time zones). ABC will also be posting an excerpt of Pushed on their web site, and I imagine there will be room for comments, so be sure to leave your 2 cents if you have it to spare!


Good Morning America also recently aired a segment about belly dancing and childbirth featuring a midwife from Missouri!

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