Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Grassroots News: Birth Segment on Good Morning America

From CfM President Susan Hodges:

The segment with Jennifer Block aired a little after 8 a.m. eastern time this morning Jan. 8.

You can read the whole story at on the Good Morning America website.
If you scroll down to the end, you can read comments (over 400 at last check!) and add your own.

I thought the segment was remarkably even-handed for ABC News on such a controversial topic. Of course, they also had the representative doctor sharing his opinion that unassisted birth is dangerous and irresponsible etc., etc.

Susan Hodges


The prenatal bellydancing segment that aired on Good Morning America on January 1 can also have comments contributed. I had a chance to view a tape of this segment this afternoon and it was presented positively overall. They spoke with a midwife in Missouri (the prenatal bellydance instructor) and also with a family physician who attends home births and birth center births--speaking as "an expert in natural birth." They showed some clips of one of the bellydancing class participants at home in labor preparing for a homebirth. I think it is exciting and encouraging to see topics like this on popular television programs and though the presentation or comments from the program hosts may not always be ideal (with negative or incorrect information), the fact that they bring birth to public attention is something to be excited about!

Molly :)

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