Monday, February 25, 2008

USA Today & MSNBC Feature Ina May Gaskin

This weekend, USA Today and MSNBC published an article about Ina May Gaskin. Titled "Pioneering midwife crusades for natural birth" on the USA Today site and "Pioneering midwife touts 'orgasmic birth'" on the MSNBC site, the article is primarily a summary of Ina May's life and work. It also includes a mention of the rising maternal mortality rate in the US:

"Gaskin largely blames the nation's rising maternal death rate on the increase in Caesarean section births and the drugs sometimes used to induce labor. The National Center for Health Statistics reported last month that the maternal death rate for 2005 has risen to about 15 women per 100,000 live births, more than double the 1998 rate of 7. At least part of that increase is due to better reporting, but researchers say Caesareans also may be a factor."

The article closes with a mention of Ina May's new film project and an amusing quote from her about marketing birth:

"Now, Gaskin has a film in the works that is in keeping with her anti-establishment, freewheeling nature. 'We're doing a movie called The Orgasmic Birth,' she said. That's not a metaphor. Gaskin says that under the right circumstances women experience a sort of birth ecstasy. 'I mean, it's not a guarantee,' she said, shrugging her shoulders and smiling, 'but it's a possibility. It's the only way I can think to market it to (this) generation.'"

Only 63 comments on the USA Today article so far, so feel free to chime in with your own two cents! :-)

Note added 2/26--the same article is also on the Fox News site as "Unconventional midwife encourages couples to 'make out' during childbirth"

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Alijah Fitt said...

Did anyone see Orgasmic Birth, Ina May and Marsden Wagner are supposed to be on a news interview show tonight? 20/20 or something?