Thursday, February 7, 2008

Grassroots Network: ACOG Homebirth Statement

Dear Friends,

Well, some combination of press about Ricki Lakes film The Business of Being Born, the Big Push for Midwives press conference (across the street from AMA headquarters in Chicago), and active legislative efforts in a number of states, actually got the attention of ACOG! Yesterday they posted a press release opposing home births.

The main points are not really different from their Position statement (which is not publicly available on their website), but with added negative and misleading beliefs and downright lies. And of course, this press release is definitely meant for public consumption!

The press is quite likely to pick up this ACOG press release. You are encouraged to write letters to the editor, write on blogs, etc. To help, I am compiling a list of effective talking points, which I hope to post by tonight or first thing tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile, several responding press releases are being prepared by various organizations.

Susan Hodges, gatekeeper


Anonymous said...

Please do post your talking points! I'd like to see them!!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone thought of a restriction of trade suit against ACOG? The chiropractors did it against AMA and won. I think we should go for it.
deb phillips, cpm

CfM Molly said...

The talking points are extensive so they are now available on the CfM website:

Best wishes,


CfM Molly said...

My understanding is that when that lawsuit was brought by the chiropractors, they were already licensed, and there were specific actions the medical community was taking to interfere with their licensed practice. When midwives are not licensed yet, a restraint of trade case is virtually impossible, for a variety of reasons. The remedy is to pass legislation to license midwives, then if anyone is acting improperly, a case might be made.

Susan Hodges