Monday, February 4, 2008

Grassroots News: New Articles

Dear Friends,

Two new articles have come to my attention, both published on February 1. They are both good for midwifery, and you are encouraged to respond!

RH Reality Check (RH stands for reproductive health) has a new blog post about the Big Push for Midwives!
"New Life For Midwifery Care" by Amie Newman. It is wonderful that RH Reality Check is posting about the need for access to legal midwives, because respectful, evidence-based and legal maternity care certainly is a reproductive right and this article continues to present good information about midwifery and childbirth to interested people who may not be aware of maternity care issues.

The Kansas City Star published a piece by Debbie Smithey, President of the Missouri Midwives Association. The argument she presents may be useful in your state also! Read "The Need for Certified Midwives" here.
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Susan Hodges, gatekeeper

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Anonymous said...

Hi Susan,

Thanks for mentioning my piece on RH Reality Check today. There is a lively debate ensuing and one in which we need more knowledgeable and engaged midwifery advocates! Thanks for the wonderful work you do, Susan!

Amie Newman
RH Reality Check