Friday, April 10, 2009

More Birth Podcasts

After enjoying a large number of great podcasts from the La Leche League website, I discovered today that MIDIRS also has a selection of fabulous podcasts available as well (do be aware that you have register for the site in order to access the podcasts). They have several by Ina May Gaskin as well as other good speakers. I'm listening to one now called The Importance of a Smile: "In this cameo podcast, Ina May recalls her first images of a labouring woman, particularly the woman's face - her "rosiness" and "beauty" during labour and birth. Ina May uses this example to highlight the importance of midwifery care that increases the body's levels of neuroendorphins (nature's opiate)."

I get so much good information from the Passion for Birth blog--thanks, Teri, for tipping me off about these podcasts.

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