Friday, April 17, 2009

Media Assortment

+ A Spanish Bed Commercial that features a homebirth has been airing all over Spain: “La cama no es un lugar solo para dormir; en ella también vivimos algunas de las experiencias más importantes de nuestra vida, incluso el comienzo de la misma--The bed isn't just a place to is also where we live some of the experiences most important of our lives...including the beginning of said life!

+ A recent Cochrane evidence review came out on Maternal positions and mobility during first stage of labor:
So why would staying out of bed shorten labor and reduce pain?

"Women who are upright and mobile are able to change their positions more easily," said Annemarie Lawrence, lead review author and a research midwife at the Institute of Women's and Children's Health at Townsville Hospital in Queensland, Australia.

"The ability to change positions, to utilize a wider variety of positions, and try other options, such as hot showers, birthing balls and beanbag supports, may help reduce overall pain and give women a greater sense of control over the progress of their labor," she said.
+ I was interested to read the article Abu Dhabi doula about a multicultural doula training conducted by Debra Pascali-Bonaro.

+The Sierra Vista Herald published an article about a midwife: Bisbee midwife has assisted at hundreds of births

+ And, the Chicago Tribune weighed in on the Atlantic breastfeeding article I've posted about previously:
Breast-feeding's debate not related to infants' health:
But the guilt and the angst over whether to breast-feed is her problem, as is her perception that she'll be less than an uber-mom if she gives her baby a bottle. Who told her she had to be an uber-mom, anyway? The reality is, moms make trade-offs over what they do for their babies all the time in light of their time, energy, abilities and financial and emotional resources.
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