Monday, November 24, 2008

Grassroots Network: Attorneys still looking for VBAC ban victims

Dear Friends,

This is a repeat of a previous GRN message: Attorneys looking for VBAC ban victims. The search is still on, so please forward this to anyone you know that might be interested.

As you are likely aware, many women are denied access to VBAC (Vaginal birth after cesarean) because of hospital policies and outright bans. Attorneys with the Northwest Women's Law Center in Seattle are looking at this issue. One of them asked us to post the following:

"I'm a lawyer with the Northwest Women's Law Center in Seattle. I'm
investigating possible legal responses to bans on vaginal birth after
cesarean at hospitals in the northwest states - Alaska, Idaho, Montana,
Washington and Oregon. If you are currently pregnant and want to have a
VBAC, but are facing a hospital policy that would require you to have a
c-section regardless of whether you want it and whether it is medically
necessary, and are willing to consider working with a lawyer on this, we'd like to talk with you. Please email us at Our services
will be provided free of charge."

Even if you are not in one of the states listed, you can still help by emailing this out to any email lists you are on and asking everyone who receives it to email it to all the lists THEY are on as well so that it is distributed far and wide. Thanks.

Susan Hodges, "gatekeeper"

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