Friday, November 7, 2008

Articles About Midwives, Postpartum, & Breastfeeding

Earlier this week, an article came to my attention on the USPharmD website (for people interested in earning their Doctor of Pharmacology degree). The article is called "100+ Essential Online Resources for Midwives" and is a really comprehensive listing! I was pleased to see Citizens for Midwifery on the list :)

Speaking of interesting articles, I also read a very good one called "Mothering Our Mothers." The focus is on caring for women postpartum and what women need during that vulnerable time (to be "mothered" as they learn to mother).

As a related side note, I read in Leaven (LLL Leader journal) this month that in Russia, the law is that children can be brought to their mothers in the workplace to breastfeed every three hours until they are three years old! Fantastic. I could hardly believe it. The article went on to say that many women do not have anyone available to bring their child to them every three hours though and so most wean when going back to work. In another contrast to the US, the article also said that Russian doctors to not allow the distribution of free formula packs in hospitals.

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