Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Cesarean Voices--Book Review

Just in time to correlate with the sobering news of the ever-rising cesarean rate released by The Centers for Disease Control today, we offer this excerpt of a review from CfM Board member Carolyn Keefe of the book Cesarean Voices, published by the International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN). This book answers the question, "what's so bad about having a cesarean."

Birth advocates and professionals need to read Cesarean Voices as it will give them needed insight into this all too common experience. This book is especially important for those who try to provide support to mothers postpartum, either as family and friends or as postpartum professionals. Policy makers, legislators, regulators, and the media also need to read it and understand how this epidemic is affecting our entire society.

You can purchase Cesarean Voices from ICAN’s website. ICAN is offering bulk prices, so some organizations may want to purchase a few extra copies of Cesarean Voices to give to key local or state media outlets, policy makers, birth professionals, or to have in their own libraries. This little book packs a powerful punch, but it needs to land in the right place to make a difference.

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