Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cesarean Handout from Childbirth Connection & Mothering

In September, Mothering magazine published an excellent article called Cesarean Birth in a Culture of Fear. In addition to being a thought provoking analysis of technological birth in the US and the ever-rising cesarean rate, it was also extremely well illustrated (including a remarkable computer created image of a woman in a "traditional US hospital setting" that gives me chills--she has 16 different "attachments" hooked up to her as she tries to focus and give birth to her baby). There is a series of illustrations that very clearly demonstrate the step-by-step process of a cesarean in a way that we rarely see. Now, this useful article has been turned into a booklet and made available as a handout on the Childbirth Connection site!

Speaking of Childbirth Connection, they also have another good
handout available titled Comfort in Labor. It is by Penny Simkin and it has TONS of great line drawings and covers a lot of labor support material in 14 pages. For doulas, it is almost like a "Cliff's Notes" version of a doula training!

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Wonderful resources! Thanks for sharing with us.