Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Domestic Violence Resources

As I have noted several times, my first professional interest was in domestic violence. Domestic violence during pregnancy is unfortunately very common (though often overlooked during screenings) and, indeed, often the first incidence of intimate partner violence in a relationship occurs during the woman's pregnancy. In 2003, I wrote a short book about talking to battered women (nothing specifically about pregnancy) and it is available as a free e-book version here.

I think all birthworkers have a professional responsibility to be informed about intimate partner violence and its incidence during pregnancy. (I've also previously written about violence and birth, as it is sanctioned by the American medical care system.) Several helpful free DV resources for professionals came to my attention recently and I decided it was time for another post on the subject!

From an email list, I received this announcement:

Power and Control: Domestic Violence in America is a comprehensive and timely exploration of the shocking persistence of domestic violence in our society. The complex issues around domestic abuse are refracted through the story of Kim, a mother of three in Duluth, MN. Kim's journey takes her from a domestic violence shelter, to a promising fresh start, and then through a disturbing final twist.

The film also tells the story of the leaders who created the hugely influential "Duluth Model," the set of domestic violence policies that have been widely adopted around the world. Today the Duluth approach faces a challenge from increasingly vocal outside critics. At the same time the leaders of the battered women's movement are struggling to maintain the spirit of sisterhood that has
propelled the movement for 30 years.

For more about the film, including 40 interview excerpts with survivors, advocates, police, health care providers, batterers and founders of the battered women's movement, visit:

For your free screening (good for 2 days for each user), visit:

Additionally, the Family Violence Prevention Fund has a serious of free webinars about domestic violence available here.

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