Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Being BOLD and Birthsmart...

Recently, the website/resource My Mommy Manual interviewed Karen Brody, founder of the BOLD movement and playwright of the play, Birth. The topic of the interview was "how to empower birthing mothers" and it was quite good. Brody placed great emphasis on the importance of having a "circle of women" and the importance of community and connection in increasing the odds of a positive birth experience. As part of this, she discussed the value of mother blessing ceremonies and I share her opinion of the importance of these ceremony. She also makes the point that body-centered preparation (such as yoga) helps you connect with the resources within you as well as surrounding you. I saw Birth in St. Louis last year and I'm looking forward to making another trek to see this powerful play again in St. Louis this year! (Sunday, August 29th at Schafly Bottleworks at 5:00!)

Related to empowering birthing women, birth activism, and raising awareness of the flaws within our current birth culture, check out this BirthsMart video by Heather Cushman-Dowdee (Hathor the Cowgoddess and compiler of a really wonderful book, Simply Give Birth).

I am looking forward to being at the CAPPA conference through the end of the week and will not be making my usual Friday post!

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