Friday, January 29, 2010

Laboring Under an Illusion update

In October, I posted my review of the film Laboring Under an Illusion by filmmaker and anthropologist Vicki Elson. I really enjoyed this film and my birth class students love it too--it is one of the most frequently checked out videos from my lending library and they all say the same things after watching it, "it was funny" and "it really brought home some good points." Humor should not be underestimated as an important teaching tool. It can really help important messages sink in and "stick" in a way that other mediums may not. I'm a fan!

Anyway, I wanted to post that I'd received an update from the filmmaker and to increase access she's lowered the price. So now, $39.95 is for ANY use (except broadcast): personal, public screening, classroom, etc. And, an order of 5 or more DVD's is $19.95 each.

Check it out here!

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