Saturday, May 16, 2009

Midwifery & Birth in the News

A quick post to share some articles that caught my eye this week:

First, I got a kick out of the title of this one: U.S. soldiers search for midwife in Afghan war zone
At first I thought, there was a "bad" midwife on the loose and the army was after her, but no! It turns out that the military recognizes that midwifery care is vital: "'Midwives with good training are critical if you want to reduce the maternal and neonatal mortality rates. This is one way to help win the war.'" And, "'Right now, we can't help the Afghan government come in here and build a big Afghan clinic,' Loh said. 'But we have some options and we are still looking for midwives to help.'"

Another sort of birth crisis in in London has led to extensive recruitment of experienced midwives: The midwife mothers back on call to beat birth crisis

In a very disturbing trend "Last year, for the first time, more babies in Miami-Dade County were born by cesarean section than were born vaginally, according to state records, and Broward's not far behind, with a rate of 43.7 percent -- both far above the national average." Read more about it in: Births on cue: C-sections soar in S. Florida

Finally, I enjoyed reading a nice little homebirth story from the Orange County Register: Born at home, naturally. I loved the final line (with regard to her 3.5 year old seeing the new baby): "...knowing that if Sage ever decides to have a child some day, she will understand what is possible. She'll know she is stronger than she ever imagined."

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Lani said...

I just became aware of a new study out of Texas supposedly indicating that midwife-attended home births are more risky for newborns. I can't seem to find any real discussion of it in the birthing blogs. Have you heard of it? Here's a link:

I just gave birth to my son at home in April, so I'm definitely a fan of home birth. But this study's findings disturb me? I am trying to track down an original source so I can get a better look at the study itself, but I'm having a hard time tracking it down.

I'd love to have the birthing blogosphere address this.

CfM Molly said...

Excellent question. I got several google alerts about this study and then waited to see if anyone else was writing about it--no one seemed to be and it sort of passed off my "radar" (maybe they didn't want to call attention to it?). I will do more reading and post more when I've done more research into this study!

Thanks for commenting!