Monday, March 23, 2009

Grassroots Network: Become a "Citizen" for Midwifery for only $10!

Count your voice among our membership and help us boost our maternity care reform efforts by joining Citizens for Midwifery now for only $10, our new "Citizen" rate.

If you already support CfM's work with an official paid membership, fantastic! Your support has enabled CfM to develop, grow, and network so that consumers have a voice in maternity care reform.

Many of you have shown interest in CfM through these Grassroots News messages but never officially joined the organization. Now we are inviting you to donate just $10 so you can be counted as a member. Increasing CfM's membership will give us an even more powerful voice for positive changes in maternity care, especially the Midwives Model of Care, for all women, in all settings!

It's easy: just donate $10 (you can pay online) to join CfM at the basic "Citizen" level and receive a colorful postcard (so attractive you'll want to display it!) acknowledging your membership as a "Citizen" for Midwifery. The postcard includes the Midwives Model of Care definition along with information about CfM and the website URL for handy reference to all of our online tools and resources. This level of membership does not include a subscription to the CfM News, but lets us count you as a member of CfM.

If you are a midwife, doula, childbirth educator, or other birth professional, and you would like to get your clients involved, we're glad to offer this inexpensive option. We have tools for talking to your clients (our Dear Client letters, which can be customized) and a rate you can afford on our Join CfM page.

And of course, you can upgrade your membership at any time to join at the suggested rate of $30 or more per year and receive copies of our advocacy newsletter, the CfM News. Our student rate of $20 per year includes the CfM News as well.

We hope you will show your support for Citizens for Midwifery by becoming a member and help CfM become an even stronger, more effective advocate for the Midwives Model of Care! Learn more on our website or join online here.

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