Friday, June 13, 2008

CfM referenced in other articles

I receive google alerts for articles or blog posts that reference Citizens for Midwifery. Recently there have been:

An article called "It's Your Birth--show up for it!" on Coastal Point.The article covers local (Delaware) options for giving birth at a freestanding birth center, birth with a midwife in a hospital setting, and midwife attended homebirth and references CfM several different times.

The article opens with a nice section and mention of the differences between the midwives model and medical model:

"Women are increasingly at the center of their own health care and many argue that they particularly need to be their own advocates about how and where they will give birth. One thing to remember while pregnant and planning the birth of a baby is that the care provider a woman chooses can have a lot to do with her birth experience and ultimately, how she will feel about it.

Although certified nurse-midwifery got it start in this country in the 1920s, women have been helping other women deliver their babies since the beginning of time. The word “midwife” means simply “with woman.”

The midwifery model of birth is completely different from the medical model, in that it sees birth as a natural physiological event, not an “accident waiting to happen,” said Kathleen McCarthy, CNM, MSN, and co-owner of The Birth Center in Wilmington."

Second, CfM is referenced on Kim Wildner's blog Fearless Birthing in her post regarding The High Cost of Health Care.

Finally, there is an interesting post at Independent Childbirth called, "Time for a 'Second Class' of Midwives?" written in response to the ACOG Midwifery Year in Review statement that I will post about shortly.

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