Thursday, August 4, 2011

World Breastfeeding Week: Impact of Birthing Practices on Breastfeeding

It is World Breastfeeding Week this week! I hope everyone has found a way to celebrate the event in their own communities, or is communicating about WBW with their networks, including social networks. When it comes to breastfeeding, birth matters! La Leche League has a free podcast available with Linda Smith (author of Impact of Birthing Practices on Breastfeeding). During the podcast she mentions midwives and also talks about doulas. Last year, I wrote an article about the birth-breastfeeding continuum and also another post about birth practices and breastfeeding.

In the past I've also written about Diane Wiessinger and her wonderful presentations about mammals, birth, and breastfeeding. So, it is also exciting to me that LLL has a free podcast available from Diane! The podcast is called, "What other mammals can tell us about nursing."

There are many more wonderful podcasts available for free on the LLLI website. What a great resource!

In my own community our local LLL Group is celebrating World Breastfeeding Week by hosting a family picnic in the park and a Big Latch On event. Here is more about WBW from La Leche League USA:

LinkLLL USA’s World Breastfeeding Week Celebration’s 2011 focus will be to:
  • Connect with other breastfeeding advocates.
  • Utilize the Big Latch On to bring awareness of breastfeeding and show solidarity with all nursing mothers.
  • Contact local communicators to help them raise awareness and offer our expertise.
  • Show how the mother/baby breastfeeding dyad is the beginning of lifelong communication.

Join with us in supporting WBWC 2011 and in communicating the importance of breastfeeding and the vital need for support available from La Leche League.

*To increase communication about breastfeeding in a variety of ways.
*To raise funds for La Leche League USA, with emphasis on local communities.
*To raise awareness that breastfeeding prepares humans for life.
*To raise awareness that the lack of breastfeeding affects the child, mother, community and health care systems.
*To raise awareness that La Leche League Leaders and Groups offer breastfeeding information and support to all.

I'd like to close with two quotes from Diane Wiessinger about the importance of a physiological birth to babies and to the breastfeeding relationship:

“A trip to a strange place with strange smells. Bright lights, busy people. Numbness. A carefully cleaned and wrapped baby who doesn’t stay with Mama. Any other mammal would reject her baby after a beginning like that. Which means that most American mothers have to welcome their newborns with their heads and not their hearts. Not the best start for confident mothering. Not the best start for breastfeeding. Not the best start for love.”

She also says, “Don’t be fooled by the Birth Channel. A normal birth is not a medical event or a source of horrible pain. It happens on its own, with the woman moving in whatever way feels right to her, feeling the labor and feeling–being–in charge. Find someone who will support this.”

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