Saturday, February 27, 2010

Maternity Care Allegory

Have I mentioned recently that I love Childbirth Connection? Well, I do! What a wonderful organization offering so many helpful maternity care resources.

I recently wrote a long post on my other blog about "choices," listening to other women's stories, and thinking about how we tell stories of our own. As synchronicity would have it, one of my Facebook birth advocate friends shared a link this week from the current CIMS Childbirth Forum going on in Texas. The link was to a maternity care allegory by Childbirth Connection illustrating differences between current and envisioned maternity care systems. I thought the allegory was a very good illustration of an effective use of story--the stories spoke for themselves, no need to identify some choices as "better" or "worse," right or wrong.

Then, in another synchronous moment, I saw this Superbowl ad clip for the movie The Back-Up Plan. I do not have TV, so I am mercifully spared most advertising, but I conicidentally came across the clip AS I was writing this post--what a dramatic example of another kind of story and message about birth :(

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Carla Schmidt Holloway said...

Such a disgusting portrayal of out-of-hospital birth. I will NOT be seeing that movie!

Anonymous said...

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