Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Blog: First the Egg

I've mentioned here before that one of the birth blogs I really enjoy is the Feminist Childbirth Studies blog. The author (another Molly, so she must be great ;-D) let me know recently that she has a brand new website and will be continuing her blog there. Called First the Egg, her tagline is "a feminist resource on pregnancy, birth, and parenting." Her explanation of "why feminist?" is great.

I recognize that women are drawn to birthwork for a wide variety of reasons and many birthworkers do not self-identify as "feminist" (though I think that many of them would actually fall into the category of "cutural feminists"--a branch of feminism that celebrates the female essence and the natural, complementary differences between women and men). For me personally, I was a feminist first, and my interest in birth is a natural outgrowth of my overarching interest in "women's issues." I love learning about what originally drew other women to work with birth. When I trace the thread back in my own life, I see that it extends all the way back to about age 12.

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