Friday, August 14, 2009

Children's Books about Birth

I am looking forward to reviewing a copy of the new children's book We're Having a Homebirth by Kelly Mochel.

I also recently learned about another newish children's book, this one focusing on the doula's role. Called Being Born: The Doula's Role, it appears to have really nice illustrations.

Speaking of nice illustrations, my all-time favorite children's homebirth book is Runa's Birth. The illustrations are amazing--I love the tiny details like little shells/rocks on the windowsill and phone messages on the bulletin board.

Another book about homebirth that I enjoy reading to my kids is Welcome with Love. It also has nice, softly drawn pictures.

We also have the book My Mommy's Midwife (which has children's drawings as the illustrations).

Additionally, as I've mentioned here before, North Carolina Homebirth has a free children's coloring book available on their site called There's a New Baby in My House.

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Heather said...

I recommend "Baby Come Out!" by Fran Manushkin for homebirths, though it doesn't have a midwife.

I like "The Biggest Bed in the World" for co-sleeping.


Christy said...

There's a brand new children's book about midwifery and birth called Mama Midwife: A Birth Adventure. It's a wonderful book that introduces children to midwifery while celebrating and affirming our ability to birth. You can read it for free at

Anonymous said...

Mama Midwife: A Birth Adventure is wonderful, and you can read the entire book for free online at