Friday, March 13, 2009

Round Up

Lots of great articles and resources came to my attention this week.

Advocates in Australia are facing the possibility of the elimination of private midwifery (and with it homebirth). You can read lots more about this on the Midwife Mutiny in South Australia blog. There is also an incredible video available here: Save Private Midwifery. The video is a collection of still photos with some text interspersed. the best part of this video is that is has phenomenal singing. Incredibly beautiful.

Just today I received a link to another beautiful video. This one is a French birth video with a voiceover poem in several languages. The mother labors in a peaceful setting and vocalizes really beautifully and deeply.

Speaking of negative legislation, there was an excellent post here: When You Can't Have It Your Way, Legislate! In it, I learned that in Ohio legislation was passed to mandate that childbirth educators cover certain information in their classes (in this case, it was about shaken baby syndrome, but it sets up a scarily slippery slope. Can you imagine what could happen to independent birth education if legislation of this type becomes common?)

In Nebraska this week homebirth had media coverage in Families Risk Law to Give Birth at Home.

Lamaze issued another great press release: Making Tough Decisions Without All the Facts: How Inadequate Informed Consent Puts Childbearing Families at Risk

And, the Huffington Post addressed How Safe are Infant Formulas?

Finally, speaking of infant feeding, this week I also read an interesting French article called Is Breastfeeding feminist or not?

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George said...

OMG! Ohio passed a law that will help parents have an opportunity to learn how to keep their children safe! It's SO terrifying that THEY have the NERVE to think parents should be educated so they know how they can protect their child from injury! THIS IS HOW IT BEGINS! BEWARE! THE BLACK HELICOPTERS ARE COMING FOR OUR CHILDREN...Thanks for the warning!

CfM Molly said...

No one is saying that parents shouldn't have the information, just that it is a slippery slope to legislate what someone must teach.

Best wishes,