Monday, August 11, 2008

Grassroots Network: ACNM responds to AMA Resolutions

Dear Friends,

The American College of Nurse Midwives has responded to recent AMA Resolutions (regarding home birth and regarding doctor supervision of midwives) with a letter to the AMA and addenda. While these are understandably written from ACNM’s viewpoint and interests in the CNM and CM credentials, overall the documents are excellent, and do a good job of affirming home birth and pointing out the outrageousness of ACOG/AMA behavior regarding these issues. The addenda are organized by topic and the statements are well-documented. In my opinion the ACNM has done an outstanding job of refuting all the main issues raised by the AMA’s Resolutions, especially the anti-home birth resolution 205 (see Grassroots messages 806032, 806033, 806037 and 807038). The addenda in particular should prove to be excellent resources (including all the references) for supporting the option of planned home birth.

You can read (and download) these documents here:

Letter to AMA

Susan Hodges, “gatekeeper”

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