Friday, August 15, 2008

Congressional Candidate on Homebirth + Other Recent News

There was a nice little press release available recently from a congressional candidate (Dr. Mike Hargadon [dentist]) in Maryland responding to the AMA resolution against homebirth. I really like the closing comments based on his family's personal experiences:

"Many families, including my own, have decided that they're unhappy with the traditional hospital birth experience and find that midwives give them a better experience for low-risk births. My first child was born in a hospital over 30 years ago, while the doctor was complaining about missing the Colts' game and trying to induce labor. So our next three children were born in the presence of midwives. The births of those three, who were born at their own pace, were a much more beautiful life experience than a time management 'problem.'"

There was also a compendium of comments about Missouri midwifery in the Riverfront Times this week called "There's no birthplace like home."

Blogs referencing CfM recently include:

1. Birthing Your Baby on "Choosing a Care Provider and Birth Place":

"...Citizens for Midwifery offers a chart Ideals vs. Reality in U.S. Births, which compares the WHO recommendations, CIMS recommendations, and U.S. reality as of 2004.....So that's my highlight of information that could help a mother (and her partner) choose the kind of care provider and birth setting that will work the best for them, as well as information on interviewing/choosing a specific provider and setting."

2. Matt & Katie on News From the Birth World.

3. CfM was also referenced in a recent newspaper article, "The Birth of a Movement,"in the Rutland Hearld regarding midwifery in Vermont

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