Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cesarean Awareness

Some time ago, I connected online with a new Lamaze childbirth educator named Kelli Haywood. Recently, she notified me about her cesarean awareness radio piece that aired on Mountain News and World Report. The piece is 30 minutes long and contains a lot of information about cesareans, necessary cesareans, informed consent, and so forth. As well as the childbirth educator speaking and sharing her personal story of her first birth by cesarean, she interviewed an obstetrician, CNM, and a CPM for the piece. And, a local mother shares her story of necessary cesarean.

As Kelli noted, "While the piece is particular to Kentucky and the mountain region, however, it also applies on the broader nationwide scope." I agree! It was definitely worth the listen and I enjoyed all of the perspectives shared. I was interested by some statements made by the OB that epidurals are perfectly safe and in some studies "lower the cesarean rate" (!?)--he then notes that this is, "probably because the patients are more compliant." (emphasis mine). Ah ha! This epidural information was followed up with additional information and resources from the CBE and CNM questioning the widespread use of epidural anesthesia.

The story is called Cesarean Birth and the Women of the KY Mountains and Nationwide.

There is also a companion article with additional resources available on Kelli's blog, Birth True.

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