Sunday, May 2, 2010

International Day of the Midwife (& the changing nature of communication...)

May 5th is International Day of the Midwife! A 24-hour virtual event in honor of the day is being held here and there is a lot of interesting content scheduled, including a free workshop about using social networking.

Social networking brings me neatly to my next topic, which is the changing nature of internet communication. I've noticed that a lot of the things I would have posted to this blog in the past, I am now posting to CfM's Facebook page (or, alternatively, I'm noticing that plenty of other people have already posted the article link, video, what have you and so I see that I don't need to do it).

While I still plan to post to this blog, I think I am going to transition away from my Friday posting schedule and only post when I have original content to share, longer articles, action alerts specific to CfM, Grassroots Network messages, or reviews, and keep more of the casual, information-sharing content on the Facebook page instead.

I also have my other blog (personal + birth education business) where I post my own articles/ideas about birth-related subjects, which limits my availability to generate original content for this blog versus just reporting on other peoples' content.

I've noticed that the various email lists I belong to are much more quiet lately and also much less likely to share article links, etc. I think it is for the same reason--these things are shared most commonly on Facebook now, which removes the need to share via other means. I wonder how communication will continue to change/evolve over the next handful of years?! Who knows what the next big thing will be?

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