Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More on Contacting Obama

From CfM Board Member Willa Powell:
Subject: Contact President Obama TODAY!

CfM supports the The Big Push for Midwives and their "A New Birth of Freedom," campaign. To join the effort:

1) Clicking this here.
2) Cut and paste this sample message below
3) Fill in your name and send... and you are done!

Dear President Obama,

We are indeed celebrating "A New Birth of Freedom" as you assume office today!

And BIRTH is a really important element of health!

Please be sure to include Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs), who specialize in providing out-of-hospital maternity care, in federal healthcare reform.

We have a lot of very costly problems, harmful practices and poor outcomes in US maternity care, well documented in the new report “Evidence-Based Maternity Care: What It Is and What It Can Achieve” from Childbirth Connection (see here).

We desperately need other options. Certified Professional Midwives providing excellent maternity care with few interventions and excellent outcomes are a model of cost-effective maternity care and provide a safe alternative to hospital-based care for the majority of women. However, they must be recognized by the federal government for their potential to improve maternity care to be realized.

For more on consumer concerns and suggestions, please see Citizens for Midwifery’s “Maternity Care: A Priority for Health Care Reform: Lower costs, increase effectiveness, improve outcomes for mothers and babies” here.


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Chasing the Little Chunnsters said...

Just wanted to let you know, in response to the grassroots e-mail I received, I too sent an e-mail to President Obama. When I tried to reply to Susan's e-mail, though, I kept getting an error message that shut down Juno. Anyway, just wanted to let you know about one more person who participated!
-Christina Chunn