Friday, December 19, 2008

Literary Magazine Exhale + Developments in IL

My term as a Board member has now come to an end, though I will continue on as the CfM blogger. CfM's new Board member and newsletter editor, Arielle Greenberg, is a writer and poetry professor. A brief article by Arielle about her experiences traveling out of state to give birth with a legal CPM was published this week here. Arielle is also a columnist for the online literary magazine Exhale ("for intelligent people who have lost a baby, or have trouble making babies in the first place"). This magazine is an important new resource for families and I wanted to make sure to bring it to your attention!

Exciting news from Illinois this week in that the Illinois Nurses Association officially changed its position on the "Home Birth Safety Act" from Oppose to Neutral! The Illinois Society for Advanced Practice Nursing already moved to Support several months ago.

From the Illinois Nurses Association: "the INA has changed its position from oppose to neutral because they feel the current proposal adequately protects the public, including sound education and certification requirements, and does allow women to choose to have a licensed certified midwife to provide prenatal and childbirth services in their homes."

You can read more about what is going on in IL on the new Illinois Families for Midwifery blog.

Also in IL, I've been reading up on a recent case in which a woman filed a civil suit against her obstetrican regarding his treatment of her during her labor and birth. Originally in the Chicago Tribune, you can read all of the disturbing details of the OB's treatment of this woman on the Unnecesarean blog.

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