Friday, September 19, 2008


I've received a lot of conference news recently as well as information about BOLD performances going on across the country and I wanted to link to some interesting events. I wanted to make sure to remind conference organizers, BOLD planners, and event table staffers, that Citizens for Midwifery has tons of fact sheets/handouts available as pdfs online for free. Though we do not have the person-power or financial wherewithal to provide packets of print information for free, you can access our materials online and create your own packets! The fact sheets are great for printing off and having on your conference table, or to place on dining tables during a fundraising events, etc. You can also order Midwives Model of Care brochures affordably in CfM's online store. We do have two-color fliers about CfM available for free via the store as well.

Okay, so on to some of the conferences I've heard about recently! In Ventura, CA, the Birth Action Coalition is holding an event called "Speaking Out for Birth Choices" on October 4th.

In Milwaukee, WI, on October 12th the CARE Network of Milwaukee and the Well-Rounded Maternity Center are bringing a portion of the Safe Motherhood Quilt Project to Milwaukee as part of a program on the Causes, Prevention and Treatment of Postpartum Depression.

Then speaking of Milwaukee, I also learned that ICEA and Lamaze are teaming up for a joint conference there in 2010 (Sept 20-Oct 3) to honor both of their 50th anniversaries. I think that is incredibly neat and is sure to be a not-to-be-missed conference!

Coming up much more rapidly, on Oct. 10-12 of this year, the International Center for Traditional Childbearing will hold their 6th annual Black Midwives & Healers Conference in New York, NY. I like the motto on the conference annoucement: "healthy babies are everyone's business."

I'm sure there are also many other exciting things going on around the country (and the world!). This was just a snapshot. It is exciting to me to look at how much action is going on all over the place in support of birthing women.


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Full Circle Midwifery said...

Please check out the Midwives Alliance conference in Traverse City Michigan October 16th - 19th! Jennifer Block! Suzanne Arms! + many other dynamic speakers, plus CEUs from ACNM, MEAC, MI Nurses Assoc, DONA. We also have a MotherBaby Film Festival going on October 15th-17th with Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein in attendance! Go here for more info, or to