Thursday, March 20, 2008

50 Ways to Scare a Mother

Some birth educators from Independent Childbirth put together some creative and interesting musical slide shows on YouTube.

In 50 Ways to Scare a Mother we hear that some of those ways are by sharing awful birth stories, having endless prenatal tests, have her lie perfectly still, tell her she is getting too fat, that her baby is too large, her fluid is too low, that she is "too late, Kate" (overdue) and so forth. The video ends with a message that I think that women need to see: "If your care provider says something that scares you--ask questions, do research, and make informed choices."

The other is called 50 Ways to Birth More Safely. The first half of this one focuses more on ways to "dump your doctor" and "avoid the strife, hire a midwife." It goes on to suggest doulas, viewing birth as a rite of passage, having freedom of choice, and trust in birth "is the key."

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