Wednesday, December 15, 2010

CfM e-newsletter & FREE membership!

Citizens for Midwifery is pleased to have launched our new e-newsletter! You can read the newsletter online here. A printable version is available here. You can also subscribe to the newsletter via Facebook by going to the CfM Facebook page and clicking on the tab that says Email Signup.

An especially important announcement from this first edition is that membership in Citizens for Midwifery is now FREE! Here are the details:

Anyone who signs up with CfM either on our signup page, on Facebook, or CfM’s “Grassroots News” yahoo group will now all be considered members of CfM and will receive the free CfM e-news. In this day and age of social networking the concept of CfM membership needed to evolve to include all the ways people communicate and participate in CfM’s activities. We hope you will be excited by this open membership structure and will encourage all your friends, clients, Facebook friends and associates to sign up for a free membership with CfM today.

Membership is now free, but CfM still needs your financial support. Please donate today! We are so grateful to all the individuals and midwifery practices who have been paid members with CfM over the years. Many of you have been faithful members for years. Your support has made all our work on behalf of consumers, midwifery, and the Midwives Model of Care possible. We hope you will continue to support CfM with an annual donation. If you are a midwife who has been giving “Gift Memberships” to your clients we hope you will continue to make a donation to CfM in honor of each of your clients and encourage your clients to sign up for free with CfM. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated!

Your donations are fully tax deductible. Donate at our suggested giving levels, or in any amount you can. Donate today on the CfM website or by mail Thank you for your support.

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