Friday, November 30, 2007

Grassroots Network--New Websites of Interest

From Susan Hodges, CfM President...

The Midwives Alliance of North America has just announced a beautiful new public education website Mothers Naturally, which also includes listings of midwives, information about natural pregnancy, home birth, midwives and birth stories. The site is a work in progress, with
plans to expand content.

Another interesting and beautiful new website is Conscious Woman. This site is a source for interactive online workshops, at moderate prices (with CEUs) with an awesome array of presenters. If you are interested in hearing and seeing Diane Wiessinger speak for yourself, her session "What Would Mammals Do?" is one of the upcoming workshops available from Conscious Woman. You can also sign up for a half hour, free session that introduces and lets you try out the WebEx technology used for the sessions. Plus there are forums.

Many of you probably have seen Ricki Lake's new film The Business of Being Born. On the site is a trailer for the film, information about how you can schedule a screening, where it is being
shown, Ricki's blog, and more to come.

Did you get a chance to read Jennifer Block's excellent book Pushed: The Painful Truth About Childbirth and Modern Maternity Care? Block has an excellent site as well: Pushed Birth. While clearly one part of its function is to market the book, she also keeps an active blog that
highlights key news articles and other new information – a good site to check out frequently!

Ken Johnson and Betty-Anne Daviss, authors of the study on birth outcomes for Certified Professional Midwives that was published in the British Medical Journal, now have a website. Probably of greatest interest is the "Answers to Questions" page, where they answer clearly and in some detail some questions people have had about the study. Even if you did not have questions, this page is very educational. (If you are not familiar with this study, check out CfM's summary online)

If you are not on the Grassroots Network email list, you may easily join!

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